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Daring greatly in faith, academics, and service since 1960.

Welcome to Saint Monica Catholic School!!! New Student Checklist

Blessings to you New Dragon Families!!

Greetings from St. Monica!

We say at St. Monica that we DARE GREATLY in faith, academics, and service. Our adaptation to our new ways of virtual and hybrid learning have made us DRAGON strong. We are excited to welcome you to our family. We are enrolling for PreK to 8th grade for 2021-2022!!

Save the Dates

  • Principal One on Ones for family meetings and registration specific questions digitally via Zoom Online or in person starting Monday, Feb. 1 and will continue through July 31

TBD and Coming your Way

  • New Family Orientation
  • Back to School Night
  • First Day of School start date in August 16, 2021

Below is your "starter pack" to get you in the know and make St. Monica your new home.

Tuition Assistance

Our most time-sensitive item is getting your Tuition Assistance Application completed. All families that will be seeking additional assistance must complete the application by June 20, 2021

COVID 19 Safety Measures

  • Comprehensive safety guidelines including, but not limited to temperature checks, increased cleaning company presence and sanitation, limiting visitors to campus, and following guidelines for classroom sizes and intermixing of student population. Handbook is attached.

We cannot wait to get the year started with you!


Mrs. Sara Martinez | Interim Administrator

Big picture

How to Ensure a SUCCESSFUL Start as a DRAGON! Follow Steps 1 to 5 below!

Step 1: Tell us more about your family!

Step 2: Turn in all documentation

Required for Enrollment, Due by July 31, 2021

  • Completed Application
  • Birth certificate and baptismal certificate (if applicable).
  • UP TO DATE shot records (either completed or scheduled and verified before 1st day of school).
  • For 1st to 8th Graders: 2 years of academic report cards (this year and prior year) as well as any standardized testing results (STAAR, Iowa, NWEA etc)
  • If applicable, any relevant court documents (i.e. divorce decrees with custody and school rights)
  • If applicable, any academic or behavior support documents from prior school (i.e. IEP, 504 plans, behavior plans).

Application Below, Click to Download

Step 3: Set up a FACTS Account

Tuition Payments on FACTS

  • All of our Tuition Payments must be made through FACTS.
  • FACTS will charge a yearly fee to set up your account, up to $50, depending on your account set up.
  • All fees and tuitions payments will be applied to your account to be deducted on the 15th of the month.
  • Your first charges will be your Enrollment fee PER child AND your FACTS enrollment fee (we do not receive the FACTS fee--it goes to their system)
  • You will be billed your Registration to be paid by Aug. 15. You may pay this at any time before---if you need this divided, let our bookkeeper know.
  • Your first tuition payment will be due July 15 (11 Month) or August 15 (10 Month) depending on if you chose a 10-month payment or 11-month payment plan.

Billing Errors or Need an Alternate Draft Date?

If you ever see any error, need a different date to deduct payments, need an alternate payment plan or need clarification, please contact bookkeeper@saintmonica.net (Ms. Rosa) and cc Ms. Sara Martinez, smartinez@saintmonica.net

We know life happens so if there are ever any changes to your financial status or you need additional assistance, please contact Mrs. Martinez immediately.

How do I set up a FACTS account for tuition?

Step 4: If Needed, Apply for Tuition Assistance, by June 2021

Tuition Assistance Application due by June 2021

Below you will find the link for Archdiocesan Hope for the Future Tuition Assistance.

1) PreK to 8th Grade MUST complete the application if you will be seeking Tuition Assistance.

  • PreK does not qualify for Archdiocesan Assistance. You will NOT receive Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance and will be denied by Hope for the Future. We will use your application to determine if our in house tuition assistance can support your needs.
  • Kinder to 8th Grade will go through the Archdiocesan Hope for the Future process. We will then see if our in house resources allow for more funding.
  • The application will charge a $35 fee. We do not receive this fee and the funding goes directly to FACTS. If the fee is keeping you from applying, please email smartinez@saintmonica.net for assistance.

2) You will need:

  • 2021 tax documents along with your most recent W-2
  • You may take pictures of their tax docs with their phone and upload those pictures directly into their FACTS application.
  • If you have experienced any loss due to COVID19 please indicate on your application and include your furlough letter, termination letter or pay stubs indicating loss of hours.

3) Should you need assistance editing your application you can contact the FACTS parent line at 1-866-412-4637.

4) Be sure to select St. Monica Catholic School, Converse, TX when applying.

Step 5: Sign up for Family Meeting

Email smartinez@saintmonica.net

Email our interim administrator Mrs. Sara Martinez for your official welcome to St. Monica Catholic School. She will schedule a family meeting with you in person or via zoom to get to you!

COVID 19 Safety at SMCS


School Uniforms: Flynn O'Hara

Our families purchase uniforms at Flynn O'Hara

Uniforms are required for PreK to 8th grade.

School Uniform Cheat Sheet

What do I wear and when? Download below! Thank you to our PTC for making this document for us.

Please be sure to visit Flynn O'Hara at 2108A NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78213 to purchase and try on uniform

Thank you for joining our Dragon Family!

We can't wait to dare greatly with you in faith, academics and service!

St. Monica Catholic School

Daring greatly in faith, academics, and service since 1960.