NFL Expansion

What to expect.


The NFL wants to expand, creating teams on other continents. Their first destination they want to start with will be London.


The NFL and moved some of their focus to giving back. They have created many programs for children and the communities. They started programs for children like play 60 and have been working their way into school inspiring children.

Play 60

NFL PLAY 60 continues its movement through the NFL off-season. Spring and Summer are a great time to get active outdoors. Continue playing 60 minutes every day!

NFL FLAG: The NFL offers a fun and safe way for kids to play football -- NFL FLAG. You can start a league in your area or join one that already exists.

NFL Girls' Flag: Girls nationwide are playing football. Find out how you can get your kids or your female students playing!

USA Football: As a partner of the NFL, USA Football offers great resources for coaches. Learn how to inspire kids to love getting active and healthy by playing football.

NFL Anti-Trust Law Exemption

The NFL follows close restrictions on when they can broadcast games and they work with high school and college teams to keep revenues flowing for all.