Crawlers, room 214

Hello Parents!

I hope your 4th of July weekend was fantastic! We've enjoyed seeing your little ones all decked out in their red, white and blue this past week!

Our combined napping rooms are working well. We have morning sleepers and afternoon sleepers.

Some observations:

- Addison is walking! She is a little busybody, running around our classroom. She has mastered sign language, whenever we have a sub in our room they comment on Addison's ability to communicate what she would like..

- Caroline is also greatly improving her walking, she's able to walk with just one hand being held. Caroline also thrives in our big group setting. She gets very excited when we venture over to Upstreet, her favorite activity is kicking the bouncy balls around..

- Evie will soon be a big sister! We're so excited for her and mom and dad!! Miss Evie has some impressive dance skills! She doesn't show them often, but it's a joy to see when she lets loose!

- Addie is her usual jovial self. She is always happy and loves to dance in her seat during mealtimes. It must be the influence from her sweet older brother, Sawyer. She is also very vocal when she gets excited, sometimes we gently remind her to use her inside voice..

- It's safe to say Macy is fully enjoying Weekday and seems pretty comfortable with her new friends. She's also improving her sign language skills! She lets us know when she'd like 'more' and she's really trying to use her prayer hands when we pray before meals..

- Hunter! He loves to read books, which he calls 'bops'! His language skills are improving, he can mimic almost anything we ask him to! Go Hunter!

We're looking forward to a fun-filled week!

Miss Loni