Hour of Code

A Project About Computer Coding by Cassie D.

"If you can create technology, you can change the world." ~ Hour of Code Video

What is computer coding?

Coding is writing step by step instructions to tell the computer what to do.
The Hour of Code is here

Here's what I did to learn about computer coding...

  • Researched coding
  • Interviewed Uncle Jon
  • Learned coding basics
  • Practiced coding
  • Shared information

Interview with my Uncle Jon

What I learned...
  • My Uncle Jon works at PPL.
  • He writes code to help people communicate.
  • He has been doing computer coding for 25 years! He started in middle school and created a basic game.
  • My Uncle Jon likes writing computer code because he enjoys helping people and there's always something new to learn.

My Uncle Jon writing computer code in his office at PPL

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My Uncle Jon is frustrated because he made a mistake with his computer code

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I think computer coding is...

  • fun!
  • challenging!
  • creative!
  • cool!

Let me know what you think about my project! You can add comments below :)