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Session description:

The mobile device explosion has great opportunity to impact learning in our classrooms! Don't be afraid - harness the power! Engage your students safely using management strategies and device neutral apps.
Katy ISD | A New Vision for Mobile Learning

Type in the URL to go to Padlet and list Pros/Cons of BYOD or scan the QR Code
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Getting Started...

Remember: Technology should always support and reinforce the learning that is taking place, never precede it.

You are ready, Now what...

Wi-fi for Students

  • RCS-Secure
  • Username and password same as computer login
  • Once students are on the network, filter will apply and able to monitor


  • Communication with parents- Let parents know how and why you are utilizing devices
  • Communication with students- Prior to device day, go over what you expect from the students
BYOD Countdown:
  • 1 week prior let students know the date they can BYOD. Tell them ahead of time what app will need to be downloaded (must be free) if any so parents can help if needed to download. Ask your tech coach to help!
  • Remind all throughout week with signs
  • 1 day before- email parents or place reminder on website
  • BYOD- Join students to network

Technical Issues

As stated in the RCS BYOD Policy:

Connectivity and technical issues may arise with student devices during your class. These are not RCS devices, and resources are not allocated at this time to assist with troubleshooting problems. The focus of classroom time is instruction in the content area. Teachers are welcome to help if they choose, but it is not the teacher’s responsibility to ensure student owned technology is functioning properly. The school’s Technology Coach may be an additional resource. However, they are also limited in time and availability to troubleshoot student computers. Ultimately, students should work with user manual or other supports that came with the device.

Teachers implement the "Ask 3 Before Me" policy. If students are having issues most of the time others students should be able to help. After asking 3 students and no one can help then you can step in. This will allow you to not be bogged down helping every student so you can quickly get started with the lesson.


DNA- Device Neutral Assignments

If your lesson requires apps make sure to research if the app if available on multiple device types. Students will bring in Kindle Fires, laptops, Iphones /iPads, Andriod devices plus many more.
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