A Christmas carol

By: Charles Dickens

Come Come All !!!

The most best play of all!!!!

A play

Monday, Dec. 7th, 9:15am

818 South 2nd Street

Minneapolis, MN

A Christmas carol, the play, is based on the book by Charles Dickens. The play is really awesome. The way they made the play, was so good, that it seems like the book has come to life. To illustrate the book,they added special effects,like the lighting and sound. For example for the lighting, they would make bright colors, when merry dancing was going on, when a ghost came they would add thundering sounds, for sound effects, and add pale colored lights, to actually show the real ghost effect. Secondly, I liked the way they did the make-up, hair, clothing. All that made it seem like the characters were true, especially Scrooge. In addition to make the book come to life, I liked their setting, like the fake snow, Scrooge's house, Scrooge's office, the fake candles, the way a rich person's home would be. To summarize, the play was good. The play taught children a lesson about, Christmas, charity, and love.


A sacrifice Scrooge has to make was when at the end he became good and sacrificed his money to the poor people, or the one's he owed money to. That was a sacrifice for Scrooge because he had turned good, and he was used to keeping the money for himself, and then collecting more riches. One sacrifice I had to make was when it was my birthday I had the game Fifa 15 but for a birthday present wanted the new Fifa. Since the new fifa's price was expensive I had to sacrifice or sell my my old Fifa, fifa 15, to buy the new Fifa. I really wanted to keep both.