Hero Project


Quinn Gardner

My father, and hero, is Quinn Gardner. He works as hard as he can everyday to make life as good as possible for me and the rest of the family. My dad gives and gives and gives to us but rarely asks for much in return. Currently he works basically random, long hours for Adam's Electric. I look up to what he does for us and wish someday to do as much for my family.

You Don't Have to Have Superpowers to be a Hero

Brian Gardner

"A person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities." Is how Google defines a hero. However, I would tend to define it another way. I don't believe that it is usually a man. Also, not always is it noble qualities, or courage, or even achievements, but instead it's selfless qualities more than anything.

A hero is someone who would jump in front of a train to save someone who he didn't know. Imagine seeing an old lady on the train tracks inching by, no clue what's happening around her. Consider the fear everyone experiences as the train approaches. How would you handle that situation? Well unless you're some sort of hero, probably not by jumping in front to save her. However, a real hero would run and get her out of the way. It doesn't matter to them how risky, as long as they have a chance to save someone, they will take it. Remember, a hero is the most selfless of people.

A hero is someone who works overtime to support someone else's dreams. This seemingly average dad started to notice his child's amazing academic ability at a young age. He realizes that they will be going to a good college and that they don't quite have enough to pay for a college that she deserves to go to. So, in spite of not the best paying job, when his child is 14 he starts working overtime every day to start saving for what will eventually be her college funds. The child grows up to go to Harvard, but not with a scholarship and they have just enough money to pay for that. A real hero is there to support others, without caring about what he must do. No matter how hard the work is, they will do it because they really care.

As seen in the paper, not only the man who jumped in front of a train, but also the man who supports others is a hero. Anyone who truly shows really selfless qualities is a hero. There are some that would be considered a hero by Google, I think many less are really heroes. When you think about how you've spent your life and the actions you've taken, could you conider yourself a hero? A hero is not always who you would think. Heroes are selfless, noble, and courageous, and you don't have to have superpowers or be a man to be one.

John F Kennedy

Brian Gardner

"A person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities." Is how Google defines a hero. However, I would tend to define it another way. I do not believe that it is usually a man. Also, not always is it noble qualities, or courage, or even achievements, but instead it is selfless qualities and caringness more than anything.
“Born: May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts, United States
Died: November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, United States
Other Names: Kennedy, John Fitzgerald; Kennedy, Jack; JFK
Nationality: American
Occupation: President (Government)” (Dictionary American Biography).

John F. Kennedy is truly a hero as he is an example of all qualities you would want in a hero.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is a hero. He shows courage, noble qualities, so many selfless qualities, and very high achievements. Even throughout his presidency, “Despite the claims of business and public affairs, his children remained the center of Kennedy's life” (Dictionary American Biography). Kennedy has always had a main focus on his children. It shows how incredibly selfless he is and how he will always put others in front of himself. He is also extremely modest and noble. When he was in the Navy, his ship was sunk. He saved many of his shipmates and risked his own life. Following the event, according to the Dictionary of American Biography, “Kennedy himself minimized the event. In later years, asked how he had become a war hero, he replied, ‘It was involuntary. They sank my boat.’” Kennedy really does exemplify all of the characteristics of a hero.

My father and John F. Kennedy have a lot of characteristics that mimic each other. They both have similar values, and show them through their lives. John F. Kennedy shows his selfless qualities by using his time to raise his kids rather than doing something else. They've always been a huge part of his life. My dad has always been the same exact way. Even when he was really young with me where he could have chosen another way, he chose to raise me and spend time with me. They both also showed a lot of perseverance. Although they showed it in different ways, you can see it in both of them. With John F. Kennedy it was persevering through physical disabilities. He had always had problems with his back. He also always wanted to join the military. At some point in his life he registered to go to war, “In 1941 he tried to enlist in the armed forces. Rejected by the army because of his back trouble, he pulled strings and managed to get into the navy three months before Pearl Harbor” (Dictionary of American Biography). Later, he pulled more strings and got to an even higher rank, pushing through his back problems. My dad, Quinn, demonstrated perseverance in some other ways. It would have been very easy to have given up on raising me. My mom and dad were extremely young raising me, and not quite married yet. Considering that my dad was living elsewhere, and could've taken me out of his life, it is very impressive he chose to stick with it and now it's worked out amazing for him. You can really see how much John cares for his kids through the way he acts. He wants his kids to be the best they can be: “Although highly opinionated, the elder Kennedy cared less that his sons adopt his opinions than that they learn how to defend their own” (Biography in Context). My dad has always felt the same way. At dinner table discussions, or whatnot he always lets me have my own opinion. We are very split on a lot of topics, and he's on the other side of the political spectrum. He always has encouraged me to think what I want to and to not listen to anyone when it comes to this and it's helped me become who I am. My father and Kennedy are both great examples of how I would define a hero.

If I had time with John F. Kennedy, I would ask him plenty of questions. I would most like to ask him what motivated him to stay such a good person. I think if he were to give me one piece advice, it would most likely be to follow exactly what I believe in regardless of others. I would try to keep as close to those words as possible, and live life by them. If my dad and Kennedy were to speak they would most likely have a discussion about exactly what it means to be a good parent. In both of their lives there exists a major focus on parenting.

My dad and John F. Kennedy do differ. Despite this fact, they both are still great examples of exactly what a hero is. Personally, I have always followed in the steps of my father. I have always talked to people as my dad taught me was right. On Kennedy’s side, I have always followed a very similar political standpoint. We may differ to what extent certain things matter, but we do agree on what is a problem and a majority of what should be done. After all, why wouldn't I follow in the footsteps in both of them considering how much I admire them.

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