Culture of Gabon

The People

The population of Gabon is about 1.4 million people, with an annual population growth of roughly 2.5%. The official language is French, which is the language almost always used on public broadcasts, in schools, and in most cities. Roman Catholic is the most populated religion; 60% of Gabon are Roman Catholic, 20% is protestant, and the remaining 20% are Muslim, or practice animist beliefs. The Gabonese often wear western, or African clothing. They like to be dressed as best as they can.


The Gabonese feel strongly towards extending hospitality to any extended family member that asks for it. Usually, the entire family, extended family included, lives in one area, compounded in many different buildings. Western style dating mostly occurs among the urban educated. Although, in rural areas, the only dating is when the boy visits the girl's home; engaged couples are allowed to date outside the home, although, many girls are promised to wed a certain husband while at a young age. Most women are encouraged to have one or two children before marriage, to prove fertility.


Gabon is governed by a president, currently Ali Bongo Ondimba, who has the most authority, and a prime minister, currently Daniel Ona Ondo. Gabon's main export was originally wood, used to make plywood. Timber is still being exported, but their current, main export is oil. Cars are only owned by government officials, or very wealthy citizens. People mostly walk.