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Acton Weekly Update: 1/20/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

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Click on the link below for this week's PLC Feedback Form.



Link to the SOS Form for any students you need to start the SOS process.


Nuts and Bolts

Please be sure you are releasing your Car rider, YMCA, Walkers and Day care students at 3:48. We are having students trickle down late and cars are held up while we wait.

Please have your class lined up and ready to walk out the door at 3:50 when the bell rings for buses. We are working hard to get buses out of the lot as quickly as possible. The longer students have to sit on the bus waiting, the more chance of inappropriate interactions on the bus.

Please add to your weekly family newsletter the following message. We will post this and send out an email from the office, but it would be helpful if you'd add it.

"Parents, please do not come to the front office to pick up your child at the end of the day. All students will only be released to car rider line, walkers line, buses or YMCA at dismissal. We will no longer call students to the front office after 3:40. If a parent comes to the office instead of the car line, their student will be sent to the car line and not brought to the front office until the car line has closed. We cannot risk the safety of our students in the front parking lot. "

You may have seen the kudos cards in the lounge. I'll be adding a few rolls of tape. Please write a kudo for your colleagues and put it on the fridge.

At Wednesday's PLC we will be going over our plans for Read Across America Week and ISTEP prep.

TUESDAY'S PD is a district level PD. Anna Cook will be meeting with all teachers to discuss High Ability for this next year.

Curriculum and Instruction

ALL DIBELS books must be turned in this week. ABC order and circle your median scores. Grades 3-5 don't forget your DAZE scores.



ISTEP TEI (Technology Enhanced Items) Practice Items- This is a must do before the multiple choice tests.

Multiple Choice Practice Test

FTCSC DIBELS GOALS: Accuracy 85% and Fluency 80%

Ways to Respond to Independent Reading, Read with A Buddy, or Read Aloud Time~

1.) I selected this book because…

2.) The setting is important because...

Timed Pair Reading: ~Partner students and have them take turns reading the same passage aloud to each other for one minute. Each in turn marks where he/she stops. They repeat the same reading three times, each taking turns marking each time where they stop. Celebrate!

Reaching ALL Learners

Review Quickies are good for Brain Boosting: Make it a daily habit to review material. Here are a few ideas for a fun way to review~

· Frisbee review: Whoever catches the Frisbee (or whatever object), says one thing that they’ve learned (or implications of it) from the last class session/topic of discussion

· Stand-up review: Everyone stands up, walks to a partner, and each person shares/reviews for 30 seconds

· Pair Share/High Five review: Turn to your neighbor, share what you have just learned, and end with a High-Five

· Take Turns Saying: One partner says a word, the other then says the first word that comes to mind on that topic. Switch and go again.

· Who and/or What Am I: Put key items for review on a piece of paper. Pin or tape the papers on the backs of your students. The students must figure out what the item on their back is by asking others in the room (who can see it) questions. All questions must be Yes or No only.

From: Eric Jensen’s Engaging Students With Poverty In Mind and Brain Compatible Strategies

Athlete Mentors

I've created a Google Sheet with dates and classrooms for student athlete mentors to visit. Please review the dates and find yours. They are listed below and are in a folder in Google Drive for you. If you have any concerns with the date assigned, please let me know. The agenda and schedule that the athletes are given is below.


THe TWITTER challenge is ON! As of now we are in the lead, however that means we have a target on our back. The other schools are planning how to catch up with us. THIS MEANS WE NEED TO KICK IT UP A NOTCH!!! BE SURE TO TWEET YOUR HEART OUT THIS WEEK. Don't forget to add the hashtag #flashforward

January Twitter Challenge!!!! Let's do this!!!!

If you haven't set up your Twitter account yet please do so NOW. Helpful tips in the link below.

How to Grow Your PLN

Our District Twitter Challenge has now started and you are eligible for PRIZES if you participate! Below is a video clip of me explaining how it works. You have from now til the end of February to participate.. and the building with the highest participation will receive a prize as well! Feel free to email Mark or myself if you have any questions!

Good Luck and Happy Tweeting!


Link to Bingo Board

New to Twitter?? Use this link to help you get ready!

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What's Coming Up

Weekly Updates 2016-2017 : 2nd Semester


24 K-5 Related Arts PD/ Anna Cook will be presenting to staff about High Ability Instruction.

24 counselors Meeting

25 K-5 Related Arts PLC

26 Leadership Team Mtg

26 2nd Gr Field Trip NIFS

30 5th gr Field Trip IRT

31 SpEd Leader Team Mtg

31 Grade level Data Digs- NO TUESDAY PD, but we will meet during your Prep times.

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