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Over My Summer Break...

Isn't that the way back to school always tends to start?!?! I hope everyone had a great time over break, is well rested, and maybe even had a chance to take an awesome vacation!

I spent lots of time with my {soon to be} Kindergartner, but I also had a chance to develop several division-wide PLPs and present at the Admin Conference. I am ready to hit the ground running by helping you transform some of your lessons into something innovative for your students!

You've Been Caught!!!

Thank you so much to the following teachers for attending the Digital Learning Conference at the end of June! I hope you were able to get some valuable ideas from it! Please share what you took away with others.

Renee Anderson

Kathleen Cahoon-Newchok

Julie Cole

Melody Copper

Corinne Cornwell

Kim Daniels

Laura Gaither

Haylie Heard

Mary North

Rebecca Tillery

First Semester Schedule

Looking for me? Check out my schedule for the first semester!

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"We have to stop thinking about technology in terms of nouns (PowerPoint, YouTube, Twitter) and instead think in terms of verbs (presenting, sharing, collaborating)" -Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

My goal this year is to help you and your students see technology as a tool which helps them arrive at the desired outcome. It is not something that is done because technology is required or because a box needs to be checked. We will do it together in order to enhance an activity and engage students.
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Jamie Frederick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Malibu & Windsor Woods Elementary