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Ralph Abernathy was a leader of the African American civil rights movement ,a minister, and one of martin Luther king closest friends. he was born march 11, 1926 in linden, AL. he got married to Juanita Abernathy from 1952-1990. he had kids named donzaleigh Abernathy, juandalynn r. Abernathy, Ralph Abernathy 3 and Kwame Luthuli Abernathy. he published an autobiography called " and the walls came tumbling down".Ralph Abernathy died April 17, 1990 in Atlanta, GA.

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Ralph join the army during world war 2 he left his family 5oo-acre farm. he became a minister while pursuing his education , in 1948. he earned a mathematics degree from Alabama state college and received a masters degree in sociology from atlanta university, in 1950. he became pastor of the first baptist church in montgomery and dean of students at alabama state. in 1954, ralph mentored martin luther king when martin became minister at nearby church. in 1955 martin and ralph found the Montgomery improvement association and organized a yearlong bus boycott. the boycott brought violence and Ralph and church was damaged by bomb blasts. in 1957, Ralph and martin Luther king found the southern christian leadership conference. ralph became vice president when martin Luther king was president of the sclc. ralph hosted a rally for freedom riders. in Atlanta Ralph worked at the west hunter street baptist church. Ralph and martin Luther king organized protests, sit-ins and marches. ralph was arrested with martin Luther king 17 times and was always my martin Luther king side, even when the civil rights movement leader was assassinated on April 4, 1968. ralph worked hard to make martin Luther king the president of the sclc. he also lead the poor people campaign of 1968, which included a march on Washington that led to the creation of the federal food stamps program. Ralph gave up his role as sclc president and ran for a seat in the u.s. house of representatives. when ralph fail to be elected, he focused on his work as a minister and speaker. in 1989 his autobiography " and the walls came tumbling down" was published.