FOR SALE- Mitochondria Powerhouse

By: Hannah and Grace

Perks of buying a Mitochondria

The mitochondria is the best power plant to buy because:

  • The outside of the building is protected by outer membrane
  • Lots of space on the inside because the inner membrane has lots of folds(lots of rooms in the powerhouse)
  • Lots of energy produced from cellular respiration
  • There is a pool(matrix) located on the inside of the powerhouses.
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Cellular Respiration

The powerhouses are the best houses for sale because they create energy. The energy from sugars is used to make ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Where is the Mitochondria Powerhouse located?

Cedar Rapids (Prokaryotic) doesn't have any powerhouses.

Powerhouse are located in Iowa City (Eukaryotic).

There are an abundant amount of powerhouses on the West Side (muscle cells) of Iowa City.

The East Side (nerve cells) does not have that many powerhouses.