IMLEA Monday Minute

December 4, 2017

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Our IMLEA Board met today at the Sheraton Hotel, site of our conference. We are currently working to finalize the date for next year's meeting. We spent quite a bit of time discussing the evaluations we received, options for breakfast (yes, we heard you on that), and the types of sessions requested. We also heard from Lynn Schmale of Horace Mann. They are now sponsoring both IMLEA and Schools to Watch. And, through their Student Loan Solutions Workshops and conferring with individuals, they have already saved teachers and other public servants over $6.5 million in Indiana alone. Please contact us or Lynn if you have any staff members who are interested in this or any of Horace Mann's services.

Congratulations to Riverside Intermediate, Plymouth!

Riverside Intermediate just earned their third designation as a School to Watch! Shirley Wright, who heads both IMLEA & Schools to Watch in Indiana, commented that it was obvious from both the application and the site visit that the entire staff was very involved in the process. Riverside includes nearly 600 5th & 6th grade students on nine different teams. These teams are given autonomy to plan their own schedules, and differentiate while trying to avoid tracking students. Principal Jeni Hirschy is on our IMLEA Board of Directors. Congratulations!

What Could Be Better Than Free PD??? OUTSTANDING Free PD!!

Time's Up!

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