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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

If you let your EPs apply to Global Talent, you WILL NOT reach your Exchange goals.

How do I know?

Been there, done that.

When I was VP oGIP in my Local Committee, I signed approximately 50 contracts with a lot of "promising EPs that just wanted to try their luck in awesome and amazing GIP opportunities".

What was the result?

I reached 14 realisations in my term.

36 other EPs just got lost (72% of my contracts), waiting for their dream opportunity for an uncertain time. In the end, they stayed in Portugal and didn't get any internship. They blamed AIESEC for not getting them an internship.

Why am I responsible for this?

I did not set their expectations right.


1. Applying for a GIP in Germany or USA or any other "fancy" destination, represents that your EP has a chance of 1 in 400 applicants of getting it.

2. What makes your EP so special that he/she will be the one getting that opportunity?

3. Is he/she graduate?

4. Does he/she has professional experience?

5. How many languages is your EP fluent in? Only english??

6. Does your EP skills match EXACTLY to the skills presented in the OP?

7. No? Okay, then your EP will be rejected or ignored as the 400 other applicants that applied.


1. We have Country Partners for a reason. Fast match and quality experience.

2. If your EP is PERFECT, he/she will be matched for a GIP in approximately 3 months (so in June). We are in March now.

3. Do not take responsibility for them. Give practical examples on why it won't work. Give my example above if you want and related it to them.

4. Tell them why the GC is going to give them the experience they still need, in order to be matched for that fancy GIP they want.

5. If they still want to apply. Ok, let them. But tell them "Do you prefer staying in Finland during this summer because you waited until June for the OP you wanted and it was too late, or you want to gain professional experience in something WE CAN GUARANTEE?

6. I understand. I would push for an amazing internship for myself as well. But I would prefer having one bird on my hand then two in the bush.


Let's see the current state-of for summer:

Big image

Talk to Oulu, they are doing something that clearly everyone else is not doing.

Application to CM: 70%

CM to MATCH: 20%

As you can see, some of the LCs have more CMs then APP, this means that in our promotions, we are not using GForm. Please start using it, otherwise these above calculations will be wrong.

The same for CM and MATCHES. We have a common tracking tool. Please use it and put every single EP and candidate there, otherwise we as MC will be showing us wrong calculations.

Being customer-centric means delivering our promise. The consultation meeting it's called "consultation". It means our EPs have to trust in our words. And if we let them apply for GT, they will trust us. Wrongly.


The goals you submitted to summer are not just goals, are promises.

Make sure you work together with Marketing and OGX! Use every member to sell Global Citizen, focus and don't let your applications get lost!!

And contact me anytime! I am here for you and I am here to make sure your promises will be achieved.

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