Singin' in the rain

Taken from the 1952 movie, Singin' in the rain. The plot of the musical follows the the original movie made in 1952. set in Hollywood in the days of the silent screen era. it focuses on lead role Don Lockwood, his best friend Cosmo Brown, beautiful actress Kathy Selden & leading lady Lina Lamount whose voice I thought was so off key and as squeaky as a mouse.

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5 Fantastic facts!!

* singing in the rain is a musical actually based on a 1950's movie with the same name.

* first previewed; Jun 13, 1985

*opening date; Jul 2, 1985

* closing date; may 18, 1986

act 1 songs

Fit as a fiddle

The royal rascal

Make em laugh

You stepped out of a dream

All I do is dream of you

Beautiful girls

You are my lucky star

You were meant for me

Moses supposes

Good morning

Singing in the rain

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Act 2 Songs

Good morning

would you?

What's wrong with me?

You are my lucky star

Singing in the rain


2001 Laurence Oliver Award

Best musical revial/ WON!!

Best actor in a musical, Paul Robinson/ Nominated

Best performance in a supporting role in a musical, Rebecca Thornhill/ Nominated

Best theatre choreographer, Stephen Mear/ Nominated

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Marcy D' Arcy- As Kathy Selden

Faye Grant- As Lina Lamount

instering facts

* singing in the rain is a musical based off a 1950's movie

* singing in the rain was performed 367 times

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