Wonders Reading

Unit 1 Week 1

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BIG IDEA: How can learning help us grow?

Weekly Concept: Storytime

Essential Question: What can stories teach you?


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This Week's Spelling Lists:

Please make daily Spelling practice a priority. Also, take advantage of Spelling City! It is a fabulous online resource and it makes Spelling practice much more fun!

This Week's Spelling Rule:

  • Short a and i vowel sounds in each word.
  • Words with short a and i vowel sounds usually have the CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) pattern, like cat and hit. Words with short a and i vowel sounds may also have CCVC or CVCC patterns.
  • The letters a and i followed by a consonant usually indicate a short vowel sound.

Approaching Level Word List:

clap, sick, bag, fan, band, snap, rack, hid, miss, click, grin, sit, bill, big, kick

On Level Word List:

clap, camp, hand, stamp, snack, rack, grabs, glad, bill, miss, click, pink, sick, grin, lift

This Week's Wonders Highlights

Vocabulary Words:

ached; concentrate; discovery; educated; effort; improved; inspired; satisfied

Word Study:


Comprehension Strategy:


Comprehension Skill:

Character; Setting; Plot: Character