Laura B


The average tiger mainly lives in thick forests and large grass land and is around 3.3m tall. Tigers love to hide and sneak

up on other tigers as well when they hunt.


Did you know how tigers survives why they survive by feasting on other animals and hydrating that means to drink lots of water and being healthy.

Eye sight

I know you must be wondering is a tigers eye sight good well.. Yes a tigers eye is actually really good but sad to say its not the best .


So a can human tame a tiger ?

To be honest yes but to be troth full it is super hard especial because you are taming a tiger

Are tigers fast

So are tigers fast ? Well ... Yes but ones again not the fasts a cheater is faster Though tigers are extremely fast and are faster then humans so that's one good comment for a tiger


A tigers meal for the day is meat from other animals that means they could eat us but only when they feel under threat . .