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In This Issue: The Thoughtful Spot, Music, P.E., Health, Library, Art, and Computer Science

Digital Dashboard

Be sure to check out the digital dashboard! And if you need a brain break, go do some fun activities from your specials teachers. Here's a link right to the specials section. Scroll up for the grade level content and resources.

The Thoughtful Spot

Pictures With Holes

You need 2 or more people for this activity, paper and pencil or crayons.

Person 1: Take the paper and make 3 marks on it. They can be straight lines, zigzags, circles, triangles...anything.

Person 2: Take the paper with the marks on it and you have to use those marks as part of your picture. The goal is to integrate the marks into your picture so it looks like the marks were always part of the picture.


Hi Ida Freeman Musicians!

I can’t believe we are approaching the end of the school year! I’m already looking forward to seeing you again and all the ways we can make meaningful music together!

Usually at the end of school, I like to do a survey to find out what students have enjoyed, and what they’d rather skip. Students, please fill out this survey!

I don’t know about you, but I have been enjoying the beautiful weather and being outside. Did you know you can find musical instruments in your backyard? You can! Watch this video about how to make music with blades of grass. Try it out, and see if you can make a song! Get your family together and make a grass orchestra!
How to Whistle with a Blade of Grass
I miss you all so much and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

All the best,

Mrs. Watson


Hello Jaguars!

I have 3 more ideas for some great fun at home, do one, two or all of them your choice!

#1 How long can you hold?

#2 Play a game of hide and seek with someone in your family! Is there a base?

#3 Write down 10 rules for kickball (Outs, Base Running, Vocabulary, ect…)



Hey Jaguars!

I hope you are all healthy and happy. Are you following the four steps we talked about in health class, to pump up your white blood cell army?

#1- Hand washing with soap while singing “ Happy Birthday” to yourself. (Remember, no nail biting)!

#2- Eating healthy, nutritious foods. (Cutting back on sugars).

#3- Getting plenty of sleep. (Shutting off electronics an hour before bedtime).

#4- Exercise. (At least 30 minutes a day).

Keep your army pumped up so it can fight off any sickness.

Hopefully soon we will get back to normal. I know it’s hard, but be patient.

I miss you all. Be safe.

Remember, happiness is a choice!

️ Mrs. Orona


Hello Ida Freeman Readers!

Now that the school year has wound down, I would like to invite you to complete the Edmond Summer Reading Challenge! This year's theme is "Imagine Your Story". You will see a bunch of challenges that will use your imagination. Don't forget about our FREE online resources too, such as eBooks! Have a parent or guardian download and print the summer reading bingo board. Return the signed bingo board back to Ida Freeman by August 28th to be eligible for the prizes! You can get double the prizes if you complete the Edmond Public Schools' Summer Reading Challenge AND the Metro Library's Summer Reading Challenge beginning on June 1st. Go to to sign up. Try to get at least 20 minutes of reading a day!

Remember you can return your library books during Student Property Pick Up Days at Ida Freeman on May 18th & 20th! See the school's Facebook page or website for more information. See you in August! Just keep reading!

Ms. Johnston

Art (5th)

Dear Ida Freeman Artists,

I hope you have been enjoying the items on the EPS Dashboard under the Art icon. There are choice boards and a myriad of choice under resources.

This Sunday is Mother's Day. If you want to make her or any other special person in your life a card that would be great! I found these fun fold out art and other ways to draw flowers you could incorporate into your card or artwork.

I have taken down the art from the upstairs gallery. I have sorted through all of the artwork that you all have created this year. I have given your homeroom teacher your portfolio of artwork to give you with your other personal items at school. This drive through pick up will be coming up You guys made some beautiful pieces. I do have some artwork without names. I gave them to your teacher so asked them first then, ask me please. If it was a classroom project and was in your class box I gave it to your teacher in a no name folder. If it was an art club project I have it if it is not already in your folder.

I know you guys will do great in middle school. Please come by and see me if you can or email me. I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye in person. I am also at the Edmond Farmers Market this summer so I would love it if you come by there to say hi and tell me how your summer is going.

Mrs. Matthews

Computer Science

Hey Jaguars!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite game you play online gets to your device? Or have you ever received a funny picture like this one...

Big picture

...And wondered how your friend got it from their computer or the internet to your device? Well here is a video that helps explain how the internet works! Just ask your adult if you can check it out!

Also check out this weeks coding lessons on Tynker on the EPS learning dashboard.

You are all champions! Happy coding!

Mr. Cates