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Fast growing Industry's

Some important industry's in the Southest region are manufacturing, health care, automobiles, and energy. These industry's have all been mayor in this region. Many automobile plants are starting to take over the southeast, Nashville know is becoming home to Nissan plants. This region also has many manufacturing plants, including Apple.

Climate type

In this region the temperature is warmer. Hurricanes are also popular I'm this region. This part of the United States rarly gets snow. This regain mainly gets tempatures in the upper 80's to lower 90's.

Regional food

Some popular food in this region is seafood. Different types of seafood are shrimp and crab. A food they serve a lot in Louisiana is red beans and rice. When you travel down to Flordia the popular food might change. For instance Gator bites and very popular due to the population of gators in Florida. Orange juice is also popular because of how much oranges they grow in this region.

Natural resources

Natural resources in this region






Famous people from the Southeast region

In this paragraph you will learn about famous people that live in the southeast region. Cam newton is a football player that grew up in Georgia but know lives in North Carolina. Another famous person that lives in this region is Ryan Secrest, he is known for producing tv shows. Ariana Grande is a singer that lives and grew up in Flordia. Chase Chrisley is a relatively Star who lives in Georgia.

Geological features

Geological Features in the southeast region includes big body's of water like the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mississippi River. It also includes the Smokey Mountains and the Appalatoin Mountains.
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Jobs in the Southest Regoin

Some jobs in the Southeast Regoin are fishing, mining, farming, and food servers. These jobs mainly accrue because of the warmer climate!


A major tourist attraction in this region is the ocean and beaches, there warm weather and sandy beaches always makes you want to visit the ocean. Another attraction is the Everglades National Park, where you can see amazing views. The last attraction is the Kennedy Space Center. The Kenmedy Space Center is where you can see the most famous rockets and even rockets launch into space.
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What to do for fun?

Some fun things to do in the Southest region is to go golfing or vistit Disney world. These things are very popular in the warmer states. Disney World is located in Flordia which is why many people visit this region. The southeast region is also known for there amazing golf courses!


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