Bird Bytes

A Technology Tips Newsletter for WAHS Faculty

March/April 2013 Edition

Welcome Spring!

The Bird Bytes newsletter will provide technology tips and tools, training session dates, and much more to help teachers integrate technology in the classroom.

Contact Diane Keebler or Joan Preston for individual training sessions or check your email for scheduled professional development training sessions. Input on future training session topics is always welcome.

Upcoming Training Session - April

Teacher Spotlight

Web-Tool Highlight-Prezi

Have you ever heard of Prezi-the alternative to PowerPoint?

This is a cloud-based presentation software that transforms boring PowerPoint slides into a canvas that flows. You can import already made PowerPoint presentations into a variety of different templates or create a new presentation. If you have used PowerPoint, you will like the user-friendly tool Prezi. It's free to sign-up. Log on to

NETS-Technology in the Curriculum

NETS stands for National Education Technology Standards. These standards were written and expanded to include standards for students, teachers, and administrators.

Creativity and Innovation - Student Standard

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

c. Use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues.

Please see below three examples on how to use this standard.

Text to Mind Map-Creating Outlines

Biology Animation

Quick Tech Tip

Use the website for PC or Mac troubleshooting, resources, and technology integration ideas. Contact Joan Preston or Diane Keebler for any technology integration questions or technology assistance via email or ext. 3073.