The Learning Alliance (A Unit of Shagun Art Creations)

The Approach

Moms Matter was established in an attempt to create a more humanistic approach to the learning of art. Moms Matter encourages teachers to view their students as "whole persons", including their intellect, relationships, feelings, desires, etc. It aims to be a holistic method since learning is both cognitive and effective. In this approach the student determines what is to be learned, making the role of the teacher, the facilitator. This approach outlines the ideology of learning as an interrelated process of an entire person. Students are encouraged to foster their own individuality and creativity by expanding on ideas from various sources and thus provides an environment for stress relief, somewhere to expand self-expression, gain self-esteem and receive technical advice.

The Offer (Summer Courses @ 3000 onwards)

We offer three level of courses at Foundation, Masters & Advanced Levels on the following:

  1. Painting Classes
  2. Handicraft Classes
  3. Color Art

  • Foundation Contents (Age 5 to 7 years):

Paper Art / Clay Play / Color Mixing / Water Color / Floral / Abstract / Fine Art

  • Masters Contents (Age 8 to 11 years):
Acrylic on Canvas & Paper & Metal / Oil on Canvas / Landscape / Contemporary / Mix Media / Home Decor / Waste Material Utilization

  • Advanced Contents (Age 12 to 15 years):
Modern Art / Split Art / Fengshui / Murals / Fabric Art / Embriodery Works / Glass Painting

Moms Matter

(A Unit of Shagun Art Creations)

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