Shark Project

Jeffrey Williamson

Spiny Dogfish Shark

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1) Gall Bladder- is to store bile, and is needed for digesting food. The Gall Bladder is part of the biliary system.

2) Heart- a organ that pumps blood through the blood vessels.

3) Kidney- two bean shaped organs, each located just below the rib cage, and is part of the biliary system.

4) Liver- filters and produces blood. It regulates the composition of blood, including the amount of sugar, proteins and fat, that enter the blood stream.

5) Pancreas- a part of the digestive system and produces important enzymes and hormones that help break down foods.

6) small intestine-is where a lot of absorption happens of the food and nutrients that you have consumed.

7) Large intestine- it absorbs water from the remaining indigestible food.

8)Stomach- breaks down food to get nutrients from what you have consumed.

9)Esophagus- carries food and liquid to the stomach.

10)Rectum- the end of the process where your waste goes because the body has already consumed all of nutrients from it.

11) Claspers- Is found on a male shark that is the reproductive organ.

12) Lateral Line- a system of sense organs found in aquatic vertebrates used to detect movement and vibration.

13)Gills- tissues with functions of transfered ions and water as well as the exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide, acids, and ammonia.

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Class- Chondrichthyes

Order- Squatiniformes

Family- Squatinidae

Genus- Sqauatina

Species- Squalus Acanthias

Life Span- can be as little as 30 years, but as long as 100 years

Habitat- The Spiny Dogfish is found everywhere.They are even found in Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. They are even found in the Black Sea

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