My winter break

Tyler Farrow


I mainly just watch football stuff, youtube, play xbox, and i'm really into Star Wars. That's about it lol

Family info

My family consist of me, my mom, my dad, and my brother

What would I like to do when I grow up?

I don't really know, I'm kinda interested in being a EMT, a teacher, or maybe physical trainer but honestly I have no idea.

What did I do over christmas break?

I played xbox, watched football, hung out with my girlfriend, and slept a lot.

How did I spend my Christmas Eve/Christmas Day?

On Christmas Eve my family went to my cousin's house and ate dinner and talked about stuff but I just played on my phone. On Christmas Day my brother and I opened presents and then my grandma came over and we made a big lunch sorta like Thanksgiving.

What was my favorite Christmas present?

My favorite present was either the money I got or the Starbucks gift cards.

What vacations did I go on?


What activities did I do over winter break?

I went to work so yeah, I think that counts
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What activities, athletics, or clubs am I involved in or would like to be involved in?

None because I'm pretty lazy

Fun Facts

ummm. I have 2 hairless cats...That's kinda fun I guess