Information Update

For the Week of April 21, 2014

Online Pilot Testing Update

Please plan on reviewing the online pilot testing information with students this week in anticipation of testing beginning April 28th. Tutorials can be accessed through the DRC eDirect link below and follow these steps:

  1. Select the 'Test Setup' button on the left side of the page, then select 'General Information'.
  2. Choose the 'Test Tutorials' tab. The title "Michigan Online Assessment Student Tutorials" will appear.
  3. Click the action icon and choose either the 'K-2' or '3-HS' button. This will lead you to the tutorial links.
You may not find it necessary to view all of the tutorials (or to view them all in their entirety). Remember, the K-2 tutorials were suggested for administering the tests; however, you may choose to share some of them with students.

The Online Tools Training (OTT) can be accessed by choosing the 'DRC Insight' icon on student machines in the computer labs. I am scheduled to meet with Andrew on Monday to troubleshoot issues with the K-1 OTT and will update K-1 teachers as well as Rebekah when those issues have been resolved.

I am making final changes to the assessment schedule and will release that to you no later than Wednesday. As mentioned in the staff meeting last week, because students with audio accommodations will not be participating in the pilot, I will try to schedule the pilot assessments during intervention times, so that they can receive their services during testing.

As you know, there will be limited and inconsistent use of the labs for classrooms during this assessment.

Curriculum Calendars

I would like to review the curriculum calendar work that was completed last week. Please provide grade level copies (either electronic or photocopies) by the end of the day Friday. You should also include any additional resources that are needed to successfully teach your units of instruction.

Wolves' Pride

If you have additional Wolves' Pride nominees, please turn them in by the end of the week. If you need another copy of the nomination form, a link to the written form is located below. If you prefer the electronic form, I will gladly e-mail the file to you.

This will be the last time nominations will be taken this year.