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A few triflings from class

Wow what a start to the new school year! Indoor recess, 3 short weeks. Hopefully we are back in the growing time. Obviously this has take some toll with expectations but today I think we turned the corner.

Field Trips and chaperones

Wow I am so blessed, 9 parents volunteered for each of the field trips I am not sure how I am going to choose, this year I am lucky enough to want ALL my parents to come with us.I have had all your requests and I am loathe to choose, it disappoints the parents and the students.....I can't win.

Names of students for "Valentimes" sorry couldn't resist.

Remember you are under no obligation to do this, but if you choose to do it you cannot forget a student.

Julien, Sydney, Killion, Gabriela, Caroline, Talan, Alex, Ethan, Jenna, Bella, Ella, Tessa, Andrew, Riley, Robbie, Nate, Mary Fields, Noah, Thomas