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GMOs must go!

Health risks

There has been recent concern that GMOs could potentially exacerbate allergies by spreading genes from certain foods into others. For example, if genes from nuts are used in plants people with severe nut allergies might be prone to have an allergic reaction to the plant carrying those genes.

In the same manner, antibiotic resistent bacteria could also spread from GM plants directly to food consumed globally. This would create problems on a whole new level, where people in MDCs start dying because of simple infectious diseases that have become resistent to any and all antibiotics current technology has to offer. If this were to happen medicine would essentially become useless, causing an exponential increase in deaths.

Environmental problems

Many believe that by harvesting GM crops the surrounding environment could suffer. A study done at Cornell University showed that only 56% of monarch butterflies survived when fed milkweed covered in GM corn pollen, while 100% survived when fed traditional corn pollen. Although the test may have been flawed the data was still mind-blowing and serves as a cautionary measure for what could be the future for humans.

Defies Nature

Opponents of the genetic revolution believe that humans don't have the right to alter nature overnight when nature changes over time on its own. Many feel that by forcing changes humans are playing the role of God. Agribusiness goes against humanity and morals that have built the principles of human nature. Vegetarians are aghast at the fact that plants can now contain animals genes, which goes against their beliefs and values. Genetic manipulation is affecting religions and the belief system.