Genetically Modified Organisms

by Miika Jarvela

Why are GMOs Good?

Health Benefits

GMOs can provide us with some health benefits. Some of these organisms have lower calories, and other haves high nutritional values. GMOs are typically safer to eat as well because farmers generally do not need to use pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This benefits our health as well as the ecosystem. An example of health benefits is "golden rice," which can help increase the Vitamin A in poor states.

Economic Benefits for the Farmer

Overall, farmers must spend an enormous amount of money on things such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Furthermore, insects result in the death of a large portion of their crops. However, GMOs are resistant to more insects, herbicides, etc., so less types of sprays will be required, and less crops will be lost as a result of insects.

Environmental Benefits

As sated above, tons of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers must be used on a regular basis by the farmers. The usage of these chemicals is very harmful to the environment. Therefore, if GMOs can help prevent the usage of these harsh chemicals, then GMOs also can help the environment.

Proper Testing and Research

GMOs are very thoroughly tested. Scientists constantly are trying to reap the most health benefits from the crops. Several experiments are required. Several very in-depth analyses must be conducted as well. Clearly, there is a lot of scientific data and research being collected about the GMOs. They would not be grown so much if there is not proper data to support them. The scientists have done enough to know that the benefits are worthwhile.