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using iPads to assist those with Autism Spectrum Disorder

iPads are a wonderful way to assist and meet the needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. One of the main ways they can be used is to help these students to communicate what they need/want. Since iPads are a speech generating device, apps can be used with pictures that allow the child to select a picture and the iPad will say the word for them. This is very useful for the nonverbal students. Apps such as CommunicoTool2 not only allows fro the child to communicate words with others but there is also a module for feelings. This app would be a great way for other typical children in the classroom to interact with the student on the spectrum. These sorts of apps would be wonderful for helping to improve the social skills of the child with ASD and also help the other students in the class to begin friendships with them. Autism Speaks is an organization that is also providing children on the spectrum with an iPad device. These devices are helping these students to make strides not only at school but at home as well in areas such as communication, writing, and even math.
iPads and Autism: Getting the Most From Out-of-the-Box Apps | Autism Speaks

using iPads to individualize student learning

When creating centers, often it is hard to tailor to each of our individuals students needs and their learning abilities. One teacher used the folder option on the iPad to individualize each of her students' learning. She would name the folder the name of the child and then put the appropriate apps inside the folder. This way one child could be working on letter recognition while another child could be working on blending words. This comes in handy when students are at the iPad center if there is such center in your classroom. Students know exactly what apps they are allowed to work on and you as the teacher can tailor exactly to their needs.
Differentiating Instruction with Rotating iPad Centers

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The articles below talk about the learning benefits that come from using iPads in the classroom. There are so many benefits of using an iPad over a computer. For one the battery life of iPads tend to be better than the laptops normally used in a classroom. Also the portability of an iPad gives it an advantage over a laptop or desktop computer. There are many studies that show improved literacy as well. Being able to work an iPad is also a skill that will come in handy for this future generation. There are so many different ways to incorporate iPads into the classroom.
Transforming the Classroom with iPads