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April 10, 2022

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Big picture

The Greek Stories class is exploring themes of betrayal, exile, otherness, and revenge in Euripedes' tragedy, Medea. They are making masks to represent the characters in the play.

Strategic Planning Mission and Vision Workshop

Join us on Saturday, April 30 from 9-2 at the People's Choice Credit Union Community Space for our Strategic Plan Kick-off!

    • Who: Open call to the whole TNS community

      • Board

      • Staff

      • Students

      • Parents

      • Alumni

    • What: Mission/Vision workshop

      • Presentation of current TNS Mission & Vision

      • Small breakout groups to reflect on Mission Statement

      • Small breakout groups to reflect on Vision Statement

We need representatives from all of the stakeholder groups in The New School Community to envision what our future should be. Lend your ideas to our Visioning Workshop. Lunch will be provided. Look for the official sign-up soon!

Administrative Updates

Thanks to a generous donation, The New School will be implementing a multifunctional database/software system next year. The first part of our implementation is almost ready to roll out. We will be handling all admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and tuition payments through Blackbaud beginning in April. Look for information from the office about reenrollment for next year. Thank you, Susan for all of your hard work setting up the core of out database and working to develop the processes for admissions and enrollment within the Blackbaud software!

Meanwhile, Susan and Christine are learning how to use the student management system and building out the day-to-day functionalities for use next year. Beginning in September, The New School will be able to take attendance, track academics, schedule classes, communicate with students and parents, and utilize a host of other great data-driven tools. This is a massive project, and we are excited by the possibilities. Our current goal is to have the student management system up and running by August 1, so that staff will have a chance to learn how to use the software prior to school starting.

Progress Reports and Conferences

We are halfway through our current semester-long classes. Progress Reports will be shared with students and families soon. Students have all been asked to spend time reflecting on their progress in their current classes--identifying their strengths and challenges within each class and to setting academic goals for themselves for the second half of the semester.

After students complete the self-reflection portion of their progress reports, teachers will provide feedback as well. Progress reports should be received via email on or before April 18.

Advisors and teachers are available for conferences during the week of April 25. Families, if you would like to meet with one or more of your student’s teachers, please reach out to your advisor to schedule a Spring Conference.

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Feeding our carnivorous plants in Greenhouse.

Fish Tanks Wanted

Alex Morin and Bear Landenberger are learning about aquaculture and need your help. They currently have two large fish tanks up and running in the science room, but are looking for more tanks, so they can grow aquatic plants for their aquascapes. If you have a tank lying around in the basement or attic you would like to rehome, please drop it off at the school.


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3-D Printing designing model rockets.

Model UN Available for Yard Work

As advertised at last week’s All School Meeting, the Model United Nations Class is available to help you with your spring yardwork. Click here to learn more and reserve your work crew, today!

Senior Retreat

The New School’s Class of 2022 is comprised of two dynamic individuals: Ian Kruger and Mandi Donegan. Continuing a New School tradition, the Seniors set off on a mini-retreat last week. The primary goal of our Senior Retreat is for the graduating class to bond, which they did during an awesome escape room and hot pot. Ask Ian or Mandi about the wacky cottage we stayed in--the whole place was a conversation starter, for sure!

We also talked about the awards that seniors hand out every year to underclassmen and community members and made some decisions about how the seniors would like graduation to look in June. This year’s Senior Showcase and Senior Awards will be rolled into LEAP Night as part of the Performance aspect of the evening. Look for Senior Spotlight articles in upcoming issues of The New School News and find out more about Ian’s and Mandi’s Senior Projects.

Dates to Remember

Upcoming Dates for Your Calendar
  • April 11: Admissions Team Meeting 6:30p Zoom
  • April 13: Model UN Class Visits the State House in Augusta (depart TNS 7:30am)
  • April 15: Progress Reports sent home
  • April 18-25: April Vacation
  • April 25: Teacher Day and Spring Conference; Board of Trustees meeting 6pm
  • April 29: Game Night
  • April 30 Strategic Plan Mission and Vision Workshop 9-2 People'sChoice Credit Union, Saco
  • May 2: All School Meeting 6:00 via Zoom
  • May 11-13: Maine Model United Nations Conference USM Gorham
  • May 14: Spring Cleanup Day
  • May 21: Spring Festival
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The New School offers rolling admission, so students can apply any time throughout the year. Parents & Students, please spread the word. Let people know all the cool stuff going on here, and invite friends to come visit an Open House!