The Alps Mountains

By Clay Herding

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Physical charaistics

  • The alps is in southern central europe,it goes through France,Italy,Switzerland,liechtenstein, Germany,Australia,and Slovenia,Monaco
  • The Alps span a distance of roughly 750 miles. At their broadest point, they are more than 125 miles wide. They cover an area of 80,000 square miles,
  • Nowhere the weather is more changeable than in the mountains. The Swiss Alps are the border between the cooler Northern European climate and the warmer Southern European climate. Therefore it often forms the separation between different kinds of weather.
  • And the elps have around 13000 different trees and plants.
  • The animals consist of Alpine Marmot,The Nuthatch,Red Deer,Alpine ibex,Chamois and many more.
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House In The Alps

Human Characteristics

  • There is the hydroelectric dam which is a made made feature that was added to the alps. And also many other made features such as bridges, a lot a lot of train and tracks for people to transport on.And much more.
  • Languages. French,Slovenien, German, Italian are the main languages that are spoken in the Alps.
  • Religion. Some of the main religions in the alps are Protestantism,Roman Catholicism.
  • Many jobs that people have in the alps consist of alot businesses such as ski resorts,tourist shops,but there are also a lot of big businesses such as manufactures.
  • The type of government in the alps is a democracy government for the majority.
  • The alps are home to 13 million people which is around 190 people per Sq km.
  • The alps have a lot of natural resources and resources such as the water run of from the glaciers which provide energy. And some of the mineral resources consist of granite,limestone, and some small deposits of iron.

Analysis of the Alps

People rely on the alps for many reasons. The alps give people a lot of jobs for people that live in or around the alps. People that live in the alps also rely on the alps to give them power from the hydroelectric dams. The alps also provide a lot of scenery that attractions some tourists.