Evariste Galois

Brea Nyhus


October 25th, 1811 - Born to Nicolas-Gabriel Galois and Adélaïde-Marie Galois in Borg-la-Reine

1823 - Entered Collège Royal de Louis-le-Grand

1828 - Wrote 2 memoirs that ended up getting lost. He also failed to gain admission into École Polytechnique twice. Father committed suicide.

1829 - He entered École Normale School but it was short lived when he was expelled, arrested and thrown in jail for pro-republican activities.

1832 - He was killed from injuries that he received in a duel. Why he was in a duel is unclear. Some believe it was over a woman others believe he insisted on it.

1870 - Changing point for Galois's work

Major Contributions

1. Solvability of an algebraic equation of any degree by radicals. f(x)= 0

2. Fundamental discoveries in the theory of polynomial equations.

3. Proved there can be no general formulas for solving quintic equations.

4. First person to use the term "group" in a technical sense

Influence on Mathematics today

Galois laid the foundations for Group Theory and Galois Theory (connection between field theory and group theory). Because of his work it led to the proofs (or rather dis-proofs) of the "Three Classical Problems" (Doubling the cube, squaring a circle and trisecting the angle) Galois Theory was worked on by many mathematicians after he passed such as, Joseph Liouville, Camille Jordan, Leopold Kronecker just to name a few. He helped discover two major branches of abstract algebra.