Art of Ecstasy Webinar

With Candice Christiansen, LCMHC, CSAT-S

Watch at your convenience in the privacy of your own home!

  • Identify ways you have been non-sexually and sexually disconnected in your life including how your past and current love & sexual "storylines" have limited your experiences surrounding sex, love, and relationships.
  • Explore non-sexual yet sensual ways of experiencing self and other nurturing including a new sense of self acceptance, self worth and trust.
  • Learn about tasteful "Tantra 101"; the philosophy and lifestyle with an emphasis on honoring the divine feminine and the sacred union of lovers
  • Learn how to harness breath, energy, and sensations to enhance pleasure and ecstasy.
  • Learn how to enjoy sex in a way that is passionate, intimate, & spiritually connected where pleasure and ecstasy is slow, thoughtful, consensual, and longer lasting.

Webinar Details for Singles,Couples, Poly, Pods (etc) Relationships

Forum: 12 hours of recorded webinars; a Webinar-style "teach" course where you learn how to improve your intimacy!


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What past attendees say about this webinar!

"Your webinar has helped my partner and I grow so much closer."

"As a newly divorced person, your webinar helped me realize what I want and need in an intimate relationship."

"Your webinar has helped my husband and I heal together, and find a deep love we always knew was there but couldn't express."

"Your webinar has been key in helping us grow together as a couple. We are forever grateful!"

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