Friar is Guilty


friar laurence is responsible for romeo and juliets death not only because of him marrying them but also for giving juliet her poison that made balthasar believe that juliet was dead. Friar knew that both of the familys were in a feud and hated each other. the text states “This,by his voice, should be a montague….What dares the slave …” (Act:I Scene: V )This text is significant because it is setting the tone and letting the reader know that tybalt or the capulets do not like montegues. also friar laurance is responsible for romeos and juliets death because he could not get the letter to romeo fast enough. some would argue that it was the messenger's fault but if the friar wanted to get it to romeo fast he should have gone himself or told the messenger that it is an urgent message. The text states “I’ll send a firal with speed to Mantua” (Act: 1 Scene:4 )This qoute shows the old expression if you want something done right do it yourself, seeing that the other friar didn't know how urgent the message really was.


this is an acrostic poem , and in my poem this is showing how he was truthful in his efforts but sometimes it is best not to chance with love.



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Ned Flanders=friar laurence

in The Simpsons Movie besides ned and the friar being very religious Ned try's to fix homer and barts relationship by fishing and other activities. But later on it the movie homer and bart start fighting and homer leaves bart and him family.