Queen Elizabeth the 1st

Queen Elizabeth the 1st is a change maker!

Why is she a change maker?

Queen Elizabeth Tudor to many was the greatest monarch in English history. Many people thought she would be a bad leader for the English people. She was committed over all else to preserve the English peace. The people of England said she was more like her father than her mother. Kind, selfless, and passionate. Everyone loved her and she changed the way people thought about female monarchs.

Early Life

Queen Elizabeth was born in 1533 on September 7th. Her father was King Henry VIII, and his second wife Anne Boleyn. Queen Elizabeth's birth was one of the most exiting events in the 16th century. Her father was disappointed at her mother at her birth because his new baby was a girl not a boy. She had a very jealous step sister. King Henry later divorced her mother, because she could not give him a son (even though it is his fought.)

Queen Elizabeth 1st

Queen Elizabeth Tudor

Was The First Femmist

She was a great leader and should be counted as a change maker.

Queen Elizabeth is the greatest moharch.