Eastside Hippies


Welcome! Let's encourage and help each other be the best we can be. We want to be be healthy, fit, and have more energy. We would also love for our hips and weight to decrease.

Email me meal ideas, exercise ideas and encouraging notes and I will share in the next newsletter.

Last week you recorded your baseline weight and wrote it notebook. This week depoist a dollars in Hippie Stash jar. Write your name on slip of paper and put it in box. Did you lose weight this week? Write your name and put in box again? Did you exercise at least 3 times last week? Put name in again. We will draw for cash Friday in Walker's room @ 2:45 You can only win cash once a month. . If you want to stay and share recipes, tips etc... feel free to stay.

Recipe ideas:

Chicken and Rotel tomatoes, pepper and onions in crock pot. Come home Chicken Fajitas!