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Understanding and Dealing with Stress

Stress Management

Stress is an emotion all people have had to deal with. Whether its starting a new school or a sport, dealing with a family situation, or even something as small as studying for a test, stress is something everyone has experienced. There are many different ways someone might respond to stress. For, example, some might get a headache or an upset stomach, while others might begin trembling, grinding their teeth, or even get a skin rash. It's also possible that stress could clause irritability, impatience, and negative thinking. Though stress it often though of as a negative emotion, it can also have positive affects. Someone experiencing stress may also be able to better focus their energy, be more motivated to get something done, and increase their performance.

There are many ways people can deal with stress. Here are some methods:

-Deep Breathing: by increasing your breath intake, relaxed feelings are produced. Increasing the amount of oxygen you body gets will help to relax your mind and will calm you down.

-Guided Imagery: Relaxing your mind, imagine yourself leaving the area you are currently in and traveling to a place where you can feel relaxed. Spend some time in this imaginary places until you're feeling more calm then you were before.

-Physical Activity: Getting your heart and your mind moving for at least thirty minutes will release endorphin's. This "feel good" Chemical will help you cope better with your stress and also help you sleep better.

-Communication: Talking to someone you trust can help you feel support and love from others. Feeling like you're not alone in whatever your facing will boost your confidence and help you relax and be able to face your challenge head on.

-Time Management: Allowing extra time and planning out a schedule will help you feel prepared for whatever you have ahead of you.

-Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Tensing all your muscles and then relaxing them with help your body feel more loose and, in turn, cause you to be more calm and relaxed about what your stressed about.