Westbury Huskies

What YOU should know about STAAR

Ø STAAR is a graduation standard.

Ø Online testers must completely charge their laptops each night prior to testing. Remind them to not leave their laptops at home.

STAAR Reminders!!!!!

Ø Plan to be on campus early as STAAR and AP exams are timed assessments.

Ø Scholars should take care of all of their personal needs prior to testing. Leaving to use the restroom will not stop the time.

Ø All scholars report to their advocacy class first thing Monday morning. AP Environmental Science testers report to large gym first thing. AP scholars as well as STAAR scholars must be on time. 9th grade non-tester will be in the lecture hall for advocacy period.

Ø STAAR exams will that place upstairs on Monday. Other scholars will not be allowed up there. Remind non testing scholars to not leave things they will need in their lockers upstairs.

Ø All cell phones and electronics must be turned off and placed in a brown bag with the scholars name. Failure to do so will cause the scholars test to be voided, the scholar’s parent must meet with their administrator and a$15 fee will be assessed. Scholars who disturb the testing environment can have their test voided and may face additional consequences as well.

Ø Review the attachments with your scholars. These attachments include testing room assignments for Monday, room relocations for non-testers on Monday, a list of newly enrolled scholars and lists of all testers. Relocations will be posted on doors and windows for Monday morning as well. 9th grade non testers will report to the lecture hall for advocacy period.

Ø All testers will eat during B lunch on Monday.

All non-testers will eat during A lunch on Monday. Scholars with jobs must make the necessary arrangements with their employers this week.

By the Husky Nation