EMS ISD Administrator Newsletter

December 15, 2015

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The Gift

Sparkly and bright with glittery ribbon or crumpled and worn with tissue torn and tattered, gifts, like children, come in all different packages. And just as these packages do, children bring their own individual delights and sometimes disappointments. As you look at your school children in their array of glitter, tissue, and ribbon, may you see, no matter the package, the opportunity to open personalities, creativity, and talents--the opportunity to love the gift.

Opening the gift brings onus to the recipient, an onus to open doors of learning. This responsibility means meeting all needs, food and clothing or a hug and word of encouragement, so learning can occur. You do this daily as you welcome the children each morning and greet them throughout the day.

The joy of the work we do in education is seen as we guide our gifts, challenging them to new levels, guiding them through the paths of creativity, and helping them hone their own talents as they explore opportunities before them. Sometimes there are challenges as the ribbon gets rumpled or the tissue gets torn, but we hang in there, carefully unwrapping a new layer to see the glitter of hope. Then, we nourish the hope and see it grow and develop to new heights until our gift shines bright.

May you continue to receive gifts throughout the year, and may you cherish each unique one as you watch them shine!

Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas to ALL!

Dr. P.

#EMSProud As we give -- Over 1000 gifts to Community Link from CTHS!

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#DifferenceMakers #EMSProud

Education Foundation News!!!

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Education Foundation News

It is with great excitement that the EMS Education Foundation is offering its first 21st Century Learning Grant in 2016. Applications will be accepted from January 5 through February 29, 2016.

Our goal for the new 21st Century Learning Grant is to spark exploration of innovative and collaborative initiatives at the campus level that support future-ready learning strategies. The Foundation encourages EMS ISD campuses and teachers to submit grant applications for programs, equipment, or initiatives that support the District’s strategic direction, supplement curriculum, and enhance efforts to promote collaboration, engagement, digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, and global mindedness. It should be a tool to re-imagine and create the education experience that will support our students in the future. Requests for technology must be associated with initiatives that support future-ready learning strategies.

Only one grant application per teacher or campus will be accepted. Maximum funding is $10,000; one grant will be funded per year. Applications can be found at: http://www.emsef.org/twenty-first-century-learning-grant

Teachers also can apply for teaching grants during this time, and those applications can be found at: http://www.emsef.org/for-employees. For questions, please email Susanne Johnson at sjohnso02@ems-isd.net. Thank you!

Calendar Updates!

Dec. 16 Open House @ Central Office Ugly Sweater Day

Dec. 18 Early Release

Jan. 4 Back from Break

Jan. 15 Early Release

Jan. 18 Holiday

Jan. 20 AP LEAD 8:30--11:30 @ Saginaw Elementary 12:30-3:30@Boswell HS

Jan. 21 DLT @ HCTC 8:30--4:00 Communications Training

Feb. 2--8:30-3:00--Edgar Financial Training -- HCTC

Feb. 29-March 4 Celebrate TX Public Schools Week

May 28 Foundation Academic Excellence Awards Gala HCTC 6:30 pm

What is Edgar Training?

This training is provided to use by the Financial Department to help us better understand the new requirements of spending federal dollars--the Edgar Requirements. The new paperwork and requirements have a major impact on how we do business! See you Feb. 2 for the training!

Articles to Read

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Feedback Opportunities for Writing! Take a yellow note and write your authentic feedback for the student and place in the baggy!

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