Doggie Devotion

By Jamie Sennett

Owning a Dog

Dogs are loyal pets and great companions, (McGinnis "Dog" 2015) but some people don't know that. Think about it this way ; there could be a family out there looking for a pet but not knowing that a dog is the perfect pet!

What Dogs need

To be happy dogs need to be fed just like humans. Dogs need excercice to keep them fit. Other pets may or may not need as much excercice, (which means you wouldn't have to go walking or running every day) but it's fun to take a walk through the forest if you had a dog! Instead of having lazy cat just laying around sleeping for eighteen hours a day. Dogs like to run around they don't know that's exercise! Dogs need accompany of people. They like being around their owners. Why? Dogs will love you no matter what. If your doing online work in your room sure enough your dog will lie at your feet waiting for you. Compared to having a cat jump up on the counter stepping on your keyboard whipping its tail across your face.

The Obdient Compainion

Dogs can do all sorts of things. For example, catching a frisbee in midair, (Carney. "Cats vs. Dogs" 2011) helping disabled people, or even the simplest of things such as fetching the newspaper. Dogs can also be taught to do more complex things such as assisting hunters, searching for missing people, and assisting police officers to search for drugs or catching criminals. (Carney. "Cats vs. Dogs" 2011).

The Family Pet

Dogs -like most other pets- are great family pets. Some dogs are great with children. How would you know if a dog is great with children? The dog wouldn't show aggressiveness toward the children, it wouldn't bite or try to run over them, it would be nice and would probably would want to play with them, and it wouldn't get irritated when a child is screaming. Where as if you (or your child/family members) pick up a cat it might take its sharp as knife claws and rake them down your face. Or a snake (if you wanted a snake) would constrict you or one of your family members.

The Opposing view

Cats don't require as much work as dogs, and cats are "more inspiring" says BuzzFeed. But are they really? I mean cats could strike at you, while dogs will be your best friend. Guinea pigs can basically do two things, eat & sleep. They don't help disabled people, they don't catch frisbees, and they certainly don't find people buried alive -in an avalanche.- But dogs are capable of doing all these things.
Dogs are loyal pets and great companions for humans, but some people don't know that when they should. Dogs can: help the police help find criminals, be great companions, fetch the news paper, (Carney. "Cats vs Dogs" 2011) or assist hunters by sniffing out deer, ducks ect. Even though dog training takes time dogs are fully capable of doing tasks like these. If your looking for a pet for your family you should consider adopting a dog. Or if your not looking for a pet consider donating money to your local animal shelter.


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