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Dear GHS Students and Families,

As you may be aware, GHS is experiencing an increased number of students absent and accessing class work remotely through Canvas and other digital means. As such, front office staff and teachers are fielding an abundance of emails and calls from students and families. We appreciate your patience, as you may experience a longer than usual response time from GHS teachers and support staff.

When absent, we encourage students to access coursework through Canvas. We understand when students are too ill to complete schoolwork and encourage families to prioritize healing and then access make-up assignments once symptoms improve.

Please use this link at the GHS website that details expectations and resources for students when out of school. While the message is geared for students in quarantine, it can generally be applied to all excused absences. Students should first use their class Canvas sites and then connect with teachers via email if needing additional support. It is important to note that staff cannot simulcast lessons for students at home or schedule individual Google Meets for each student who is out. Staff are working to provide necessary materials, instructions and assessments in Canvas or via email.

GHS celebrates our teachers, support staff, and students for their added efforts to keep the learning going during a challenging time. Thank you again for your understanding and collaboration as we navigate the weeks ahead.


Over the course of the year many families have been affected by both a positive Covid case with their student or having to quarantine their student due to an exposure. For students who are fully vaccinated there has been no need to quarantine due to exposure, which has enabled them to continue to attend school without breaks. Fortunately we are now able to implement the use of Covid testing to either completely eliminate the need to quarantine OR to return sooner based on the type of exposure.

There are two protocols that will be used based on the manner in which your student has been exposed. Location Matters. Please see details below:

  • Test to Stay: This protocol is used when a student is exposed at school where masking and social distancing are being utilized. For example, in a classroom exposure (please note that this does not apply to athletics or activities where students are participating without masks). If a student is exposed, they will test two times within 3-7 days of exposure. If the test is negative, and they are not showing symptoms, they may Stay in school.

  • Test to Return: This protocol is used when a student is exposed in the community or while participating in athletics or activities when the wearing of masks can't be guaranteed. In this case, the quarantine time can be reduced to 7 days (rather than 10). If the Covid tests show they are negative, and they are not showing symptoms, they may Return to school.

  • Please see the Images Below for graphical descriptions.

The Test to Stay program will begin in the Gresham-Barlow Schools right after Winter Break and students must have a permission form on file to participate. If you would like your student to be eligible for the program, please turn in a signed permission form to the office. If the exposure occurs at school, testing will be provided at no charge to families. We are looking forward to maintaining access to in-person learning when Covid-19 exposures occur in our school!

The permission form files are just below this article.


As we enter the cold and flu season there is often confusion when determining the differences between a cold or the flu and Covid. If you have questions or concerns trying to tell the difference, please reference the infographic in this section.

If you student is going to be absent, please do the following:

  • Please call our Attendance line and excuse your child's absence.

  • Teachers may have different late work and grading policies when students have excused or unexcused absences. It benefits your child to have the absence excused.

  • If a student is staying home because they were in close contact of a positive COVID case, please call our office to report it. We will excuse the absences.

  • If your child is sick and does not feel well enough to be at school, please encourage them to stay home.

  • If you have any questions about whether or not your student should stay home, please call the school and we will connect you with our nurse.

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