Securing the Crime Scene (CSI)

By Lizzie Bronson

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What do they do?

A CSI is a specially-trained police officer who goes to crime scenes to analyze and document evidence. Evidence such as :

  • Trace Materials (fibers, hairs, plant and mineral matter)
  • Blood Splatter
  • Ballistics (Firearms and gunshots)
  • Fingerprints

Even though they are members of the police task force they do not talk to witnesses, suspects or perform DNA analysis.

How is it used in Forensics

The evidence that the CSI collects at the crime scene is then given to a lab in order to be processed. The evidence and the results from the lab are if acceptable to present in court is used to help the jury or the judge decide whether or not the suspect is guilty. Also the DNA evidence that the CSI collects can narrow the suspects or match a person to the crime scene. They are also able to testify in court.

Education Needed

To be a CSI you would need a bachelors in Forensic science and forensic anthropology or forensic biology.

Actual Cases

Ted Bundy:

Was at first only arrested and convicted of kidnapping but he had escaped before his trial. while Mr. Bundy was on the run he killed three more people, and the evidence collected in those cases led to the conviction of Mr. Bundy because his bite mark matched the bite on one of his victims Lisa Levy. The evidence collected at those three scenes matched evidence from the murder of 12 year old Kimberly Leach.


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