PKU (Phenylketonuria)

Tedra Ussery


its inherited and passed down through families . Both parents must pass on the defective gene in order for a baby to have the condition .This is called an autosomal recessive trait .


phenylketonuria plays a role in the body's production melanin , the pigment responsible for the skin and hair color .

Delayed mental and social skills .

Head size significantly below normal .


phenylketonuria has to be extremely low in the child's diet particularly when the child's growing . The diet must be strictly followed . This requires supervision by a registered dietitian or doctor , and cooperation of the parent and child .

Life expectancy

they don't have an expectancy they have to follow a strict diet .

3 important facts and points

1 If its not treated it can cause severe retardation and various other conditions

2 they are generally blond with blue eyes and fair skin

3 indicates that there is a greater chance of getting ADHD

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