the boy on the wooden box

by Rebecca Westcott

The book

this book is about a 14 year old boy how lived through the holocaust. As a Jewish boy he went through many hardships. because he was Jewish he was sent to concentration camps. while there he worked at a factory controlling a machine. to reach the control panel he had to stand on a wooden box. ( thus the title ) this is the story of a boy who was saved from death by Oscar Schindler.

The Author

the author of this story is Leon Leyson. this book is about his time in the holocaust. the hardships he was put through. But this is only a memoir, it does mention his other life but is mainly about that specific time in his life.

my review

the book was probably one of my favorite books ever. this book was thrilling, heartfelt, and just an amazing book. Leon Leyson really went in depth and showed his feelings. He really didn't need to write this book at all. he just wanted to, which to that I applaud him.