What's happenning within the next few weeks

We welcome all the new and existing families to Waa room. We hope you all had a great holiday time and are ready for the exciting year ahead!

We have had a very settled and positive start to the year, having been focusing on establishing a trust and bond between children, educators and families, and for children to feel comfortable and confident within their learning environment.

Children learn about their world through play and exploration of the environment. You will find different play spaces around Waa Room. These spaces help to develop children’s knowledge. The learning environment assists in children’s development of social competence, language, cognitive ability, emotional skills, physical ability and

creativity, just to name a few.

The children have shown a lot of interest in exploring colour, water play, dress ups and sensory play. We will be expanding on these interests over the next few weeks.

Our goal for this age group is to create a warm, friendly and inviting learning environment that caters for the children’s individual needs and extends on their learning interests. We also recognize the importance of having a bit of structure and routine which supports children's' developing independence and confidence. We look forward to a great year ahead watching your child progress and develop new skills.

Goals for 2016!

-Continuing to support children’s interests, strengths and abilities -Using recycled materials as children’s experiences

-Maintaining depth, variety and quality of creative experiences -Lots of regular outings and excursions to connect with the community.

- Lots of sensory/messy play experiences -Lots of gardening, environmental activities

-Increased parent participation in the program

- Involve family/parents/carers input into the Waa Room curriculum

- Continuing to developing strong relationships with children including settling in families new to Waa room

- Develop awareness of children's own feelings

- Use senses to explore

- Extend their expressive and creative language through role play

- Enhance children's learning about sustainable practices and deepen their understanding of the environment

Here are some ways we learn in the Waa Room.


How do we communicate with families about children's learning?

We communicate about learning in many ways i.e. learning stories, events & observations via keptme, display boards, emails, newsletters, face to face chats & parent teacher interviews.

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) describes the principles, practice and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age.

The Framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning as play is the best vehicle for a young child’s education, providing the most appropriate stimulus for brain development.

In Waa Room we have developed our own strategy to implement the Framework, taking our own unique context into consideration and presenting it in many distinctive ways, including our learning stories and project documentation. We have many workshops and team meetings to review our program and practices, brainstorm new ideas, reflect on our pedagogy and to collaboratively overcome any challenges. This is to ensure we are producing and maintaining high quality educational programs and documentation for your children.


Email is the quickest and most effective way for us to communicate with our families. We email information including our newsletters, everyday correspondence etc.

Our room email - waa.room@monash.edu

Room contact No - 990332307

Things to Remember

Sun Protection

50+ Broad Spectrum sunscreen. This is provided in our room next to the sliding door to go outside. It is the responsibility of parents to apply on arrival or at home in the mornings. Sunscreen is re-applied by staff 20 minutes before outdoor play in the afternoons. If the child requires special sunscreen this can be provided by parents and a long-term medication form will need to be filled out.

Broad brimmed sun hat needs to be packed for your child for outdoor play. A bucket hat instead of a cap will help protect the face as well as ears and neck. We also ask that all parents make sure that their children come to the centre with a labelled hat.

Food: We do not allow any food to be bought into the centre. If children require any special food for their allergy or any choices/preferences then this can be negotiated with us.

Toys: We encourage show and tell items from home, such as photos, books, treasures from holidays or outings. Please ensure these are placed in the show and tell basket on arrival (next to the sign in sheet). This ensures your child's special items do not get lost or broken. (They will be brought out at small group times during the day for your child to share their interests with us and their peers.

Please provide comfort items (such as blanket or soft toys) if your child requires these, please name the item and leave it in the child’s bag.

All the basic information (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, sleep, etc.) on everyday basis will be sent out to families via Keptme and be available on an ipad near the sign in sheets at pick up time.

Birthday cake: We celebrate children’s birthday in the centre. You can order a birthday cake for your child with Nami or at the office 1 week prior to the requested day. Family, friends and relatives are welcome to join the celebration. Normally we organise the birthday party at our afternoon tea time which is 2.45/3.00pm.

Allergies: Please always update us with any allergies your child has.

What to pack in your child's bag

Clearly labelled sun hat and a drink bottle

- Nappies

- Nappy Rash Cream (if applicable)

- Dummy/sleeping bag/ any other comfort item (if needed)

- Clearly Labelled spare clothes