Joe Jackson

shoeless joe

shoeless Joe Jackson was accused of messing with the World Series. A lot of people think he did but also a lot of people don't believe it.
shoeless joe jackson
  • . Jackson never pitched in his MLB career. This left-handed slugger was always an outfielder.
  • Jackson was born on July 16, 1899, in Pickens County, South Carolina. He died on December 5, 1951, in Greenville, South Carolina.
  • Judge Landis was the one who banned Shoeless Joe for life. Both Ted Williams and Babe Ruth had both stated that Joe Jackson was the greatest all-around player that they had ever seen in baseball, and both had adjusted their swings to mimic Joe's. Many Hall of Famer's have gone on the record to want Jackson in baseball's Hall of Fame.
  • Jackson was a rookie in 1908 and 1909 with the Philadelphia Athletics, but only played in 5 games each season. In 1910, he came about with the Cleveland Indians, batting .387, and then .408 the following season. When he hit .408 in 1911, and it was the 3rd highest batting average in the 20th century. In mid-season 1915, the Indians traded Joe to the White Sox.
  • Jackson received the nickname from teammates because he preferred to go bare-footed. MLB would not allow this, so he wore shoes that barely covered his feet, and frequently wore tattered shoes.