Not what it appears


My flyer's title is Nighthawk, but it's different from what your thinking. It's not a hawk that fly's at night. Nighthawk is big, lazy, and still lives with his mother and step dad and brother even though he's 39 years of age. Nighthawk's step brother is 40 years old but not more mature, both Nighthawk and Dragon act like they are ten years of age. Both they're parents are sick and tired of them living with them because they are very childish and cost them a fortune.

This is Nighthawk and Brenden

Nighthawk on the left and Dragon on the right

(Brenden) (Dale)

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About the movie

This movie is probably one of my favourite movies, and it's a knee slapper for sure. This is probably the funniest movie I have ever watched, But it's the type of humor not suited for younger ages. I have most likely watched this movie one million times and know almost every word but each time I watch it, I slap me knee harder.