Solar Water Heating (Passive solar)

Ali Al-Dulaimi

How it Works

When the sun rises on the "solar thermal collector" the solar thermal collector take the energy from the sun and the energy of the sun change to heat , solar thermal collector is always hot because it absorbed the energy of the sun ,so when we heat our water the water goes by Pipeline from the water tank (cold water) to solar thermal collector and the water get heat and it come back to the water tank but is hot water.
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Where it can use and why.

The Solar thermal collector can be use in different places. For example: (on big fileds,on the roof of the house or any places can get a lot amount of sun energy ) and it can heat different things.For example:
  • "Potable (drinking) and service use (washing) use in homes"
  • "Potable and service use in commercial, and institutional and industrial facilities"
  • "Swimming pools (indoor or outdoor)."

The Solar thermal collector can be use anywhere that have sun energy.For example: same houses use it on the roof of the house to heat the water but they can't put the solar thermal collectore under the ground becasue the sun enegry can't go through the ground

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The positive,negative for using that source

The positive way to use Solar thermal collector that it save energy because now most of the world use the electricity to heat the water and with Solar thermal collector there will be less emissions in the global warming but Solar thermal collector produce emissions but less then electricity .

The negative way to use Solar thermal collector it that taken the animal habitat because same Companies like google use Solar thermal collector to heat there water and it taken a lot space of animal habitat.

Solar thermal collector it good for human and global warming because it's save a lot energy but Solar thermal collector it's good now because the human use it in the right way

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The biggest Solar thermal collectors in the world

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Environment issues

The environment issues with solar thermal collectors are:
  • Hazardous materials: When people make Solar thermal collectors They use dangers materials like " hydroelectric acid sulfuric acid, nitrite acid and other ".

  • Habitat loss: Solar thermal collectors Take a lot space and that mean it taken the space of animal habitat .Is really dangers if the animal stay close to Solar thermal collectors because it's have dangers materials and toxic.

  • Water Use: When the water go from the tank to the Solar thermal collectors same of the water will burn when it heat for example: if 2L of water went from the tank to the Solar thermal collectors the water will get evaporate when it heat and maybe only one 1L will come back to the tank ,so is waste of water.

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