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November 2021

Check out the video below to "Increase Student Collaboration Using Keynote "

Keynote tips: Using Keynote as collaborative whiteboards (iPadOS 14)

International Education Week is Nov. 15-19!

November 15-19, 2021

International Education Week (IEW) is an opportunity for students and educators to celebrate the benefits of education and exchange worldwide. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of State is part of the effort to promote programs and opportunities that can prepare students for a global environment.

This year, a variety of activities are being planned by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Global Education Steering Committee to promote International Education Week including:

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Over the past two weeks, all LCS staff received 1-3 emails as part of our ongoing security awareness training. The emails either tried to "scare" you into quickly clicking a link or "trick" you into believing it came from our IT staff and required you to take immediate action. Most of you did not click the link and simply deleted the email or contacted the Tech department to verify its authenticity. (SEE RESULTS BELOW) Only 14.4% (80 people) out of 556 who received the emails actually clicked on them.

In the coming couple of weeks, all staff will be required to participate in our training program by watching a brief video and answering a few questions. The video will come from KnowBe4 and is designed to help you recognize some of the types of scams and phishing attacks to be aware of to protect YOU and YOUR DATA!

As we continue to improve the security of our data and information, the greatest threat to our data is US! The majority of cyberattacks occur as a result of a user clicking on an attachment or opening a file that unleashes malware and infects not only their device, but also the network the device is connected to. This software then installs itself on the network and wreaks absolute havoc! It can lock down the network and all machines connected to it, and it can steal or destroy your confidential data! While there are no systems that are 100% vulnerability-free or "hacker proof," YOU are one of the first lines of defense in helping prevent an attack. Stay vigilant!
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Did you know...

Giving back makes families happier and closer.

Thanksgiving is, for many, a time not only to be thankful but to give back: witness the countless examples of individuals who donate their time to serve or cook meals for others. According to a poll conducted by Fidelity Charitable, 48% of people who grew up "with strong giving traditions" considered themselves to be happy today compared with only 33% of people who did not grow up with such traditions. Additionally, the poll revealed that 81% of those with strong giving traditions reported their core family as being "very close" compared with 71% of people without strong giving traditions.

Thank you for giving back through your service to our students, their families and our community. We hope you are able to rest and relax over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy time with friends and family!