Vince Lombardi

The Greatest Football Coach Of All Time

Background Information

Vince Lombardi was born on June 11th, 1913 in New York, New York. Vince's parents emigrated from Italy and settled down and raised their family in New York City. Vince and his family were very religious and all through out grade school and high school he attended Catholic schools. He graduated from Fordham University in 1937 with a degree in physics, chemistry. He attended law school for one year when he decided he no longer wanted to be a lawyer. He then started teaching at St. Celcilia until he began coaching the college level. Football had always been a huge part of his life ever since he was little, he played all through out his childhood and also played at Fordham University. When he was unable to play he began coaching. He began coaching at St. Cecilia in 1939. In 1947 he started coaching at Fordham University. Then in 1949 he started his coaching job at West Point. In 1954 he began his first NFL coaching job with the New York Giants.

Accomplishments Within The Game Of Football

  • 1939-He coached at St. Cecilia for seven years, the football team won six state championships and had a stretch of thirty-six consecutive wins

  • 1956- Vince Lombardi coached the New York Giants to NFL championship

  • 1958-”Assisted in taking the New York Giants to another NFL championship game”

  • 1960-”Took Green Bay Packers to league championship”

  • 1961-1965- “Coached Green Bay Packers to victories in league championship”

  • 1967-Green Bay Packers won first Super Bowl game

  • 1968- Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl

  • 1970- “Inducted as a charter member to the Fordham University Hall of Fame. Also has the Super Bowl trophy renamed in his honor. Rotary Club dedicates an annual Lombardi Award to outstanding football linesmen. The NFL named Lombardi their 1960s Man of the Year.”

  • 1971- Inducted into the Pro football Hall of Fame

  • 1975- “Inducted into the Green Bay Packer Hall Of Fame Lombardi’s overall professional coaching record was 105-35-6”

  • For the nine years he worked with the Packers they never had a losing season

  • 1969- “Head coach, general manager,and part owner of the Redskins”

  • 1969 “Lombardi turned the Redskins around and they had the best season of all time”

Impact On The Game Of Football

Vince Lombardi had a huge contrabution to the game of football. He was known for making the underdog team into a talented team that never had a losing season again. Two of his greatest impacts was when he was the coach for the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins. Before he began to coach these two teams they never had a winning season, soon after these teams became unforgettable. "Lombardi turned the Redskins around and they had the best season of all time." During his nine years of coaching the Green Bay Packers never had a losing season. He had the ability to make a team of players who played for themselves come together and play as a team and be unstoppable. Vince Lombardi's overall record for coaching was 105 wins 35 losses and 6 ties.
"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."

Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation

On September 3rd, 1970, Vince Lombardi lost a hard battle to pancreatic cancer. In Vince's memory the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic was created. The clinic was founded to help families and people fight their battle against cancer and to raise funds for leading-edge cancer research. In 1989, the Vince Lombardi foundation built the Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, this was the first gift from the Vince Lombardi foundation. There are 12 Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinics that are located in Wisconsin. The clinic performs more than 20,000 patient visits and procedures each year. The foundation has raised over $18 million to help fight cancer. The Foundation has three main charitable events that help raise money and awareness for cancer. These charitable events include the Vince Lombardi Golf Classic, the Lombardi walk/run to tackle cancer, and the award of excellence ball. All of these events are held to bring the community together to help support a cause that devastates so many lives. The money raised and donated at these events make it possible for people who suffer from cancer receive the care and treatment that they deserve.
Vince Lombardi winning is a habit motivational video


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