Indian Tigers

By Paige Roberts

About the Indian Tiger

The Indian Tiger also known as the Leo Tigirs are beautiful creatures with many amazing talents. These tigers can kill a young elephant, and a rhino weighing around 200 kg or 5001 lbs. The Indian Tiger walks on all four, and their forelegs are able to turn inward, allowing them to grab their prey.They have claws that can retracted until they are needed for the attack. When the tigers attack their prey, it is usually at dawn or dust, their stripes allowing them to hide in the shadows.Most tigers can consume as much meat as 40 kg in one feeding! Indian Tigers habitat are in tropical jungles,brush marsh land, and tall grasslands such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Burma. The picture at right show a Tiger laying on a rock, tigers like to sleep, climb and lay on rocks.

What the Tigers Look Like

The color of this magnificent creature is reddish orange with black narrow stripes,gray or brown, usually in a vertical direction. On their stomach is creamy or white; a rare tiger has a chalky white coat and darker black stripes with icy blue eyes. A male tiger can weigh 225kg while the female can only weigh up to 135 kg. a male tiger is much larger in size than a female tiger because the female does all the work. The female will hunt the food and then bring the food to the male. Once the male is done the female can start to eat the remaining carcass, by that time the vultures and other scavengers have surrounded the carcass.

Did You Know!?

  • There is an estimate that there is less than 3,000 Bengal tigers left in the whole world.
  • A male tiger usually travels alone, while marking its territory with its urine, droppings, and scratch marks to ward off enemies.

Baby Cubs!

When a tiger gets pregnant it is usually with two to four cubs.It takes about ninety-eight to one-hundred and ten days for the baby cubs to be born.Most tiger cubs do not live passed 2 years old , when the cubs are also at two years old they leave their mother. The picture on the left is a baby cub.Baby cubs are very playful, they also like to climb trees and play with their mother.